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Newsletter – July 2020

NEW : Safe Boating Patrol on the Lake!

The Municipality of Ivry-sur-le-Lac is very pleased to have obtained a federal grant for boating safety. This grant allowed us to produce a new brochure on boating safety with a wide range of useful information for boaters. It deals with the elements of safe boating, courtesy on the water, water sports, the environment and much more. It is currently available on the municipality’s website


As well, new signs are currently being produced for both municipal beaches and will be installed shortly.  Thus, every visitor will be well informed about safety and rules.

Great news! As of July 17, it is very likely that you will come into contact with the brand new Ivry-sur-le-Lac nautical patrol. It will be comprised of firefighters from the Régie incendie des Monts who will assume the positions of patrollers for the Municipality. The primary goal of this new patrol will be to raise awareness. Rest reassured, the interaction with the nautical patrol is intended to provide information and be courteous to boaters, however, please note that they will be in contact with the Sûreté du Québec agents, if required. A better knowledge of the behaviour to adopt ensures greater safety! So, if you see them on the lake, don’t hesitate to meet or greet them, they will be there for you! This project is being carried out in collaboration with the Association pour l’amélioration du Lac Manitou (AALM). Thank you!

Access to municipal beach on the south side


Access to the municipal beaches in Ivry-sur-le-Lac is restricted. In order to preserve their access to taxpaying citizens only, a padlock has been installed at the south side beach.  All citizens who wish to obtain the combination will have to complete and sign the “commitment protocol”.  For more information, please contact us at or call us at 819 321-2332, ext. 3700. You can also go directly to the administrative offices of the town hall. 

Municipal container – Improper use notoce!

The Municipality has noticed that some citizens are using the container at the municipal garage improperly. It has been a little more than a year since this container was installed for the exclusive use of citizens whose homes cannot be reached by the garbage truck. Unfortunately, we have noticed that some materials, such as large electronics, have been deposited or left near the container. It is every citizen’s responsibility to dispose of such materials, which cannot be left in the container, since the container has the same purpose as a black bin, nothing more. The Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts ecocentre is about 10 minutes from Ivry-sur-le-Lac and should be used for all waste which cannot be placed in the regular garbage, recycling or compost.

Unfortunately, if the abuse continues, we will be forced to withdraw this service. The site is currently monitored by camera and we will not hesitate to review the recordings to identify offenders.

To find out how to properly dispose of residual materials and to find out the schedule of the ecocentre, please visit:

 Thank you in advance for your cooperation! 

Let’s be aware of the actions taken on shoreline strips

The conservation of shoreline strips is an essential component of a healthy body of water. Your Municipal council has made it a priority.

The objectives of the shoreline, littoral and floodplain protection policy are to protect lakes and rivers, safeguard the  water resource and all forms of life that depend on it.

It applies to development or maintenance work aimed at controlling vegetation within the 3 vegetation strata (herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees), where grass cutting and other types of removal are not authorized in the shoreline zone.

According to the municipal zoning by-law, 2013-060, the following rules must be applied:

  • The obligation for residents to vegetate the shoreline strip over a distance of 5 metres from the high-water mark.
  • The prohibition to cut grass below 15 metres from the shoreline.
  • The prohibition to undertake works within a distance of twenty metres from the high-water mark.
  • An opening on the lake limited to 5 meters when the slope is less than 30% and an opening on the lake limited to 1.2 meters when the slope is greater than 30%.

How to comply? And what does all this mean?

Under the Policy, shoreline residents must vegetate the shoreline by seeding or planting plants for anti-erosion, biodiversity or landscaping purposes. The planting of shrubs or trees and the seeding of herbaceous plants of various ages and species contribute to restoring the natural character of the shoreline. If, on the other hand, native plant species are already present, it is preferable to let nature take its course.

Last summer, the Municipality invested in the services of a shoreline awareness officer who met with a number of citizens and sent out a number of documents to this effect. The Municipality will therefore be able to validate which property owners have complied this year. Very soon, the inspector will be touring the properties and validating the compliance of the shoreline strips, since a compliant shoreline strip ensures a healthy body of water!

Installations on the lake, a permit is required!

According to the municipal zoning by-law, no. 2013-060, it is authorized, as accessory equipment, to have and install a dock or raft for all classes of residential use.  An application for a permit for accessory equipment from the urban planning department is required prior to installation.  The by-law provides for rules of application related to the number, location, dimensions, maintenance, environment and safety. 

Visit the municipality’s website to retrieve the application form:

 Permit Application Form – Shoreline and littoral works / Dock

Dead Trees on Your Property, Whose Responsability?

 It is the responsibility of each citizen to ensure the security and safety of his private property. Dead trees that could be a danger to public safety must be cut down. It is important to remember that if the tree is fragile and high winds occur, it is possible that it could fall and cause damage to others.

During the summer, our local road official will tour the Municipality and notices will be sent to the owners concerned.  We recommend that you take action if you are affected by this situation.  This is for your safety and the safety of all!

Beech cortical disease

Beech cortical disease is the result of an interaction between an insect; the beech scale insect, and two types of pathogenic fungi that only exist on American Beech.  The disease occurs when spores of the fungi enter through bark wounds. The insect creates thousands of micro wounds in the bark in order to feed.  Although the disease is mainly associated with the presence of insects, climatic stresses, including summer droughts, temperature variations, extreme heat and cold can make the tree susceptible to infection.


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Result 2019 – Municipal Collection

The recovery rate, i.e., the amount of residual materials that have been diverted from landfill, was 46% for 2019. The recovery rate for all municipalities in the MRC in 2019, for municipal collection, was 41%.

Interestingly, according to RECYC-QUÉBEC, only 5% of the residual materials generated are final waste, i.e., they have no possibility for recycling or recovery. We are on the right track, but we must continue our efforts to reduce the quantity of residual materials sent to landfill as much as possible!

The evolution since 2016 for Ivry-sur-le-Lac


Septic Tank Compliance

Wastewater from residences not connected to a sewer system must be discharged and treated by a septic system, also known as an on-site sewage treatment system. 

A faulty septic system can have serious consequences such as contamination of drinking water wells, backflows into the residence and wastewater discharges into the environment that could have an impact on health, the natural environment and the value of your property. 

The Provincial Regulation Respecting Wastewater Disposal and Treatment for Isolated Dwellings (Q-2, r.22) requires the services of an expert who is a member of a recognized professional order and who has the required skills when installing or improving a septic system. It is important to know that when you carry out renovation work on your property, such as basement layout or adding one or more bedrooms, it is necessary to consult the municipality and an expert, as your installation may require modifications. 

If your septic tank is old, beginning to show signs of failure such as odours or resurgence on the ground, if the soil above your installation is spongy and waterlogged or your bath does not drain as easily, your system may have reached the end of its life and corrective measures must be taken quickly. 

All types of work require an application for a permit from the municipality. 

Visit: the section “Sanitary installation and water sampling”.

Having visitors?

When you receive visitors and they bring aquatic recreation equipment, such as tubes, skis, life jackets or fishing gear, please ensure that they are free of invasive plant parts. To do so, they should be pre-washed away from the lake (at least 30 metres from the shoreline) with a pressure washer. As for kayaks or non-motorized equipment, they must go to the municipal washing station before being launched. The objective is to preserve the quality of aquatic environments. Thank you for your cooperation in achieving this important objective! 

Reminder – Ragweed – Let’s rip it out together!

How can ragweed be effectively controlled?

Removing ragweed and replacing it with a competitive ground cover such as clover or grass is the most effective way to control ragweed.

Also, for owners of land where ragweed is free to grow, the mowing of ragweed for the summer season is required in order to reduce pollen in the air.  Remember the dates are mid-July and mid-August.

Other subjects of interest

Should you havy any other topics you would like us to address in a future Newsletter, just let us know and it will be our pleasure to address them.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!  The municipal team is there for you!

Once again, I thank you for the confidence you have shown in me.  It’s a real pleasure representing you!


Daniel Charette
Municipalité d’Ivry-sur-le-Lac
Tél. (819) 321-2332

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