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Project : Road Work Constantineau Road
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The Municipality does not have an in-house road service; however, it mandates contractors for the execution of public works.

A local road attendant is hired during the summer period to perform minor work.

We invite citizens who have identified a problem concerning roads or water flow to inform us quickly, so that we can act according to the level of urgency and priorities already underway.

Please send your reports using the following form which can be sent electronically.

Form – Road Signaling

    Snow Removal

    Our winters bring us more and more snow and snow clearing equipment is working hard to keep our roads clear. We notice that residents place their snow on the public roads instead of finding a place on their own property.

    We therefore ask you not to dump your snow on Municipal roads but rather find a place on your property to ensure the safety of all.

    Street Sweeping

    As part of the spring cleanup, the Municipality is sweeping the streets to collect debris and materials that have accumulated throughout the winter.

    These operations are carried out as quickly as possible in the spring, according to the availability of the service providers as well as the whims of Mother Nature.

    The Municipality asks its citizens not to scrape, sweep or blow leaves, cut grass, sand or any other debris onto public roads.

    Defective Lampposts

    When you notice that a lamppost is defective, you can inform the Head of Urban Planning, Roads and Environment

    We will ask you to send us the address near the defective lamppost and the number directly on the post if necessary, so that a follow-up can be done as soon as possible.