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Residual Matter


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2022 Collection Calendar

PLEASE NOTE: Due to staffing shortages, RITL is reducing the frequency of organics collection. The collection will take place every two weeks until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

You will find in the Collection Calendar a lot of information on residual matter, do not hesitate to refer to it.

Information available in the collection calendar:

  • Information on the Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts Ecocentre (Accepted Items, Maximum Number of Visits, Address and Business Hours)
  • Information on Organic Matter (Accepted Matter)
  • Information on Recyclable Material (Accepted Material)
  • Orientation of Bins for Collection
  • Various Practical tips
Recyclable Material

Considering that the Laurentians RCM’s Train de vie durable (sustainable way of life) website is the most comprehensive in terms of recyclable material, we refer you directly to their Web page. You will find in particular:

  • List of accepted items
  • The list of rejected items
  • Information about different plastics
  • Frequently asked questions

How to recycle properly, materials accepted in the recycling bin


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Organic Matter

Why a Collection of Organic Matter (brown bin)?

The Québec Residual Matter Management Policy aims to completely prohibit the disposal of organic matter into landfills by next year.

The brown bin is complementary to home composting, anything you do not put in the home composter can go into the brown bin! Meat bones, meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, facial tissues and litter of small animals.

We must continue all our efforts of home composting, recycling of grass and leaf cuttings; the waste that pollutes the least is that which is not produced!

Residual Matter: Serious Environmental Issue

There are many reasons to participate in the collection of organic matter and thus divert as much residual material as possible from landfills.

Our waste production has doubled in 40 years
Materials rotting in landfills require the use of expensive containment techniques to avoid groundwater pollution and air pollution.

Voir le PDF sur la collecte de matières organiques

Considering that the Laurentians RCM’s Sustainable Way of Life website is the most comprehensive in terms of recyclable material, we refer you directly to their Web page. You will find in particular:

  • List of accepted items
  • The list of rejected items
  • Information about different plastics
  • Frequently asked questions


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Bags Accepted in the Brown Bin

Paper bags are accepted at all times in the brown bin. Moreover, we invite you to make your own bag from Publisac flyers/newspapers. It is very simple, effective and in so doing, you are reusing a material that you would have thrown away. To do this, here is a short video that will explain how to make your own bag for the kitchen minibin:


Here are the possibilities available to you, the first being the optimal way for the environment:

  • Put your organic matter in bulk in your minibins and in your brown bin (by covering the bottom of the brown bin with a layer of newspaper as specified above)
  • Make your own bag from Publisac for your minibin
  • Use dedicated brown bags for the minibin
  • Use compostable plastic bags (it is important that it is “compostable” for it to be accepted, but note that it is the least environmentally-friendly option)

At no time should biodegradable plastic bags be used as they are rejected because they contaminate the compost due to their slow degradation.

Happy composting!


Although there are 10 ecocentres to which you have access as citizens of a municipality within the territory of the Laurentians RCM, the closest one that you are most likely to use is certainly that of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts. This service is free with proof of residence.

Access is unlimited for all items, except for:

  • building materials;
  • renovation materials, and
  • demolition materials.

For allowable items, citizens are entitled to:

  • a maximum of 26 visits per year; and
  • a maximum quantity per visit of 64 cubic feet (corresponding to an 8 ‘x 4’ x 2 ‘height trailer)

For a larger quantity, please go to the Régie intermunicipal des déchets de la Rouge (RIDR) in Rivière-Rouge (free) or to a private dry materials sorting center (for a fee).

Ecocentre’s Address and Business Hours

Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts Ecocentre
1710, Principale-Est
Telephone: (819) 326-4595 extension 1

Monday to Friday 9am to 4:30pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am to 3pm

Accepted and Refused Materials as well as the schedule of other ecocentres in the MRC des Laurentides

Consult the website at


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Recycling of Polystyrene

Considering that the Laurentians RCM’s Sustainable Way of Life website is the most comprehensive website regarding the recycling of polystyrene, we refer you directly to their web page. You will find in particular:

  • The importance and operation of polystyrene recycling
  • What is polystyrene?


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Giving a second life to consumer goods or materials is a practice that has always existed; it is reuse. Today’s society generates a rapid turnover of goods and products, which are usually quickly disposed of. Giving, lending, repairing or selling used goods are ways to use up surpluses or save while reducing the amount of goods produced and, above all, the quantity of goods destined for disposal.

Reuse is not only a way to extend the useful life of goods, but also a means to meet one’s own needs while reducing the pressure on natural resources.

Here is the list of self-help organizations that will undoubtedly be very happy to take your goods and extend their useful life while preventing these goods from being sent to the landfill unnecessarily.

See bottom of page of this link for the list of self-help organizations in the region

Régie intermunicipale des Trois-Lacs (RITL)

Created on April 9th, 2011, the Régie intermunicipale des Trois-Lacs (RITL) is the body that collects and transports residual matter from Ivry-sur-le-Lac.

The RITL’s mission is to provide efficient, affordable and exemplary waste collection and transportation services.

More information is available on their website: RITL

Collection Complaint or Others

The Régie intermunicipale des Trois-Lacs (RITL) is also responsible for handling complaints.

Has one of your bins not been collected? Have you received a memo about your bin that you do not understand? Do you have various questions about the collection and transportation of residual matter? You are invited to communicate directly with the RITL:
By telephone: (819) 324-5679

By email: operations@ritl.ca

By mail:
100, Place de la Mairie
Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré (Québec) J0T 1J2


How to Place Bins on the Street

Did you know that Ivry-sur-le-Lac’s residual matter is collected by a truck equipped with a robotic arm and pliers? So, for your bins to be collected, the bins must be arranged as follows:

  • The bin’s wheels and handles should be facing the house (not the road) to allow the bin to open when tilted by the mechanical arm;
  • At a maximum distance of 1.5 m (5 feet) from the street;
  • At a distance of 60 cm (2 feet) from any obstacle (including another bin) to allow access by the clamp arm;
  • Do not put anything on the cover preventing it from opening easily.

To avoid obstructing traffic, visibility, or winter snow removal, we also recommend that bins not be placed on the street.

The Importance of Bringing the Bins Back the Next Day

To avoid sustaining damage to your bins, it is important not to leave them on the side of the road, rather to remove them as soon as possible following collection. Ivry-sur-le-Lac is not responsible for any damage that may be caused by snow removal trucks in the event that your bin has not been moved back.

Bins buried under snow that are hard to see can also be damaged by snow removal trucks. Moreover, these are also signs of an uninhabited residence. So, if you leave for the winter, take the time to put them away in a place where they are not visible to potential thieves.

Replacement of a Broken Bin or Request for an Additional Bin

If you want to replace a broken bin or to procure an additional one, you must contact the Municipality.

Be aware, however, that brown and green bins are replaced at no charge, but there is a $70 charge for replacing or adding a black bin.

The green and brown bins are effectively replaced at no cost, if the breakage is not related to a citizen’s negligence. For example: leaving the bin on the road after collection, which sustained damage due to the fact that it was not moved back would not allow for a replacement at no cost.

For the replacement of a broken bin or the addition of a bin, please contact the Head of Urban Planning, Roads and the Environment:

Contact Us

Bulk Waste

The Municipality does not offer a bulk waste collection service. This decision was not taken lightly. In addition to the significant cost associated with this service, we believe that the Ecocentre, as well as charities, are preferable to accept these goods, reducing the number of items in landfills while helping people in need.

Ecocentre Information
Reuse Information

Train de vie durable (sustainable way of life)

The Traindeviedurable.com site was created by the Laurentians RCM and contains a wealth of information on residual matter. You will see that the visit is worth it!